Paper Submission

Submission System

The hEART 2015 conference uses EasyChair to handle submission of papers and the review process.

Visit their webpage


Create a user on EasyChair and use the following link to submit your paper - Submission.

In the e-form at EasyChair you will be asked for information about the authors, keywords, paper title, and a short abstract.

  • As first keyword please state the name of the presenter.

  • Under topics select “The paper is presented by a PhD.” if the presenter is a PhD. student.

You can download a short guide for how to submit your paper here.

Deadline for submission is April 10th 2015.

Organising committee

Professor Mogens Fosgerau
Associate professor Stefan Mabit

Coordinator Marianne Boelskifte

Contact the local committee:
26 MAY 2018