The conference will be situated at Technical University of Denmark (DTU).
The campus of DTU is located in Lyngby, 15 km north of Copenhagen.
Map of DTU campus and official guide to the University can be found here

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Most accommodation is available in the city of Copenhagen.

Facts and tourist about Copenhagen 
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The hEART 2015 conference is the 4th symposium arranged by European Association for Research in Transportation (hEART).

About hEART2015

The host of this conference is Department of Transport at Technical University of Denmark (DTU Transport).

The conference is partly sponsored by The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI)

The symposium is an interdisciplinary research conference, covering all areas of transportation research, with a focus on quantitative methods and analysis of transport systems. The aim is to connect research in transport modelling, transport economics and transport policy with advanced practice. Bringing together leading experts and promising young researchers, the symposium offers an opportunity for scientific discussion and interaction in relatively small groups.  

Thursday (10 September) 13.30 - 16.30:  Workshop on Smart Adaptive Public Transport Systems organized by ERA-NET SMART -PT (meeting room S4) 

Dates of the conference
The PhD summer school took place on 8 September, 2015

Summer school presentations:

Households location choice, transport accessibility and car ownership

Dynamic discrete choice models and route choice analysis: Recent advances

Detecting and modelling non-compensatory behaviour in transportation

Bayesian methods in transportation


The conference took place 9 - 11 September, 2015

Keynote presentations:

Modeling and Controlling congestion in smart cities with big multi-sensor data

Transportation systems: a statistical physics point of view

Transport and the labour market